Our Products

Solar PV Modules

We supply high quality Solar PV modules ranging from Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and Thin Film panels of different wattage and sizes.

Solar Water Pumps

We supply industrial and submersible pumps for boreholes, industrial and pumps for residential, industrial and Agricultural applications.

Inverters & Charge controllers

We stock a range of solar inverters for Uni/Bi-directional DC/AC conversion for various application. We also stock high quality Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and Pulse Width Modulation (PMW) charge controllers.

Solar Air Conditioners

We supply solar air conditioners to provide you with conducive working environment for corporate and residential application.

Solar Batteries

Batteries are the cornerstone for off-grid applications and offers excellent backup solutions for grid connected residential and commercial houses. We deal in high quality Lead Acid and Lithium Ion Batteries.

Solar Hot Water Geysers

We supply high quality Solar Hot water Geysers such as PVT Hybrid Solar PV & Thermal panels, Vacuum tube collectors complete with tank, Flat plate collectors, SHC evacuated tube heat pipe Solar collectors suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

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